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Consistent reviews will make your business rank higher in search results, Google Maps, win more traffic and be seen as the top rated provider.

Simple review experience

Getting reviews is tough, we've made it easy. All it takes is 2 clicks and 30 seconds.… we turn them into one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Smart review reminder

We know if your customer hasn't left a review and send smart reminders - review reminders win over twice as many reviews than other solutions.

Smart review distribution

ReviewStar uses advanced algorithms to decide where to send each review based on live data. Want manual attribution, it's possible of course. 

Smart review gating

As an option, any negative feedback from unhappy customers can get internalized giving the opportunity to respond and react quickly while still getting precious feeback.

Get more reviews.

Win over twice as many reviews as competing tools with automated emails and text messages.

You will be alerted in real time to important changes instantly allowing you to respond at the speed of business from within the alerts.

Get real reviews from nearly 40% of customers entered

We ask for the review at exactly the right time, follow up automatically and generate real detailed reviews on average from nearly 40% of customers entered into our system.

3000+ Integrations

For example if you use QuickBooks (or any of the other 3000+ applications) we can automatically ask for and get reviews from your customers every time you invoice them without adding anything to your business to process!

Trusted by Businesses of all industries

"Earlier we needed to send different links everytime for review to people. ReviewStar makes it easy to do it all under one link. Also the automatic reply makes it easier to manage the whole process. This helps to take out time for other activities while getting reviews on autopilot on different platforms."


"This app is brilliant - not only is this amazing at only asking people who had amazing experiences to leave reviews, but it filters the people who had a less than favorable experience away from the review sites and back to us so we can address their concerns, make it right, and ideally win them back as a repeat customer! I love that I can automate the review collection process."


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Email review invites
Automate review replies
Smart review distribution
Detailed analytics
Reputation protection
Email review invites
SMS review invites
3000+ integrations
Website publishing
Automate review replies
Smart review distribution
Detailed analytics
Reputation protection

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